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Why Buy Wool?

You can feel the difference with a quality, luxurious wool carpet. It's naturally softer, has no static cling and will perform better for longer. Apart from the natural beauty of wool, you can rest assured you are buying a renewable resource! Wool is a natural fibre that is safe, practical & versatile. Woollen carpets are unparalleled for their quality, beauty and performance and wool is regarded as the finest quality fibre that carpets are made from. Coupled with our premium underlay, it's soft, durable, and easy to keep clean. Woollen carpets naturally resist absorbing spilt liquid., they are cool in summer & warm in winter and they bounce back exceptionally well from foot traffic and general family living.

Wool carpet is safe for your children with lower volatile organic compounds, a softer landing surface and is better than non carpeted floors for people with allergies. Ask our friendly staff to explain more of the benefits of beautiful pure wool carpets.

Woollen carpets continually maintain their appearance and are the ultimate choice for luxurious carpets throughout your home.

Sensory Experience

Wool is warm and comforting, soft and luxurious. Nothing compares to wool for its natural qualities

Sustainable Fibre

Which is sourced from New Zealand sheep and is a totally sustainable, renewable and biodegradable fibre. Wool fibre takes only a small fraction of the energy used to produce synthetic fibres. The natural crimp in the structure of the wool creates a pocket of air which acts as a barrier to heat loss. It keeps your room cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Looks better for longer

The unique natural crimp in wool means it naturally bounces back and doesn't matt and flatten like synthetic fibres. A good quality wool carpet will perform better and look better for longer

Improved indoor air quality

Because it is a natural fibre wool carpet is very low in toxins and odours. Wool acts as a filter helping to clean the atmosphere. It helps absorb moisture when the atmosphere is damp and releases it when the atmosphere is dry. Wool has the amazing ability to absorb up to a third of its weight before it feels damp unlike synthetic carpets which can only take about 2-3% moisture before they feel damp. Regulating humidity helps prevent mould growth which is a common contributor to respiratory ailments.

Traps airborne particles

A room with wool carpet contains half the fine dust particles of that of a room with a hard floor. Wool traps allergens in the carpet so they don't circulate in the breathing zone as with hard flooring.

A healthy choice for asthmatics

Dust mites feed on human skin flakes and bedding is the most common source, however carpet is not a food source for dust mites. A good vacuum with a quality vacuum is sufficient to keep carpets clean and low in allergy causing substances.

Reduces noise

Wool carpet acts as a noise insulator, reducing ambient noise and eliminating scraping noises from furniture. Wool carpet has shown a noise reduction of up to 55% where wool carpet is used.

Easy to clean

Wools structure acts as a natural stain resister. It repels most liquid spills and stains can be easily removed if attended to promptly. Static attracts dirt and the moisture content in wool makes it naturally more anti-static. This means it will resist soiling more than any manmade fibres would.

More fire resistant

Wool is the safest carpet fibre because the moisture content makes it difficult to ignite. It burns slowly and is easy to extinguish. In a major fire it contribute much less in terms of smoke and toxic gas than synthetic carpet. (reference; Cavalier Bremworth: Nothing compares to wool)